Dumpster Day 2017- June 17

DUMPSTER DAY 2017 –  Pleasant Plains Elementary

8AM to Noon


Due to unforeseen budgetary issues, Dumpster Day had to be rescheduled for June 17 – we thank you for your understanding. Please remember that your dues payments directly support Dumpster Day and without community support, KCA and Loch Raven Village will be unableto conduct these

important programs. Even though this is a joint effort with Loch Raven Village, if Knettishall Community Association cannot afford its share then Knettishall residents would not be able to participate. An active and well funded community association is necessary to continue to offer Dumpster Day to our residents. Below, please find a comprehensive list of prohibited items.


• Acids, caustics, pesticides, chemicals

• Animal carcasses
• Drums or tanks (unless clean and cut in half)
• Explosive or flammable materials
• Large stumps
• Liquids or liquid waste
• Medical or radioactive waste

• Wood or logs greater thaneight inches in diameter and six feet in length
• Large items that cannot be lifted manually
• Appliances with freon (ACunits, refrigerators, etc)
• Household electronics
• Antifreeze

• Asbestos materials,including shingles
• Batteries (vehicle andmarine)
• Household hazardous chemicals

• Oil (all types)

• Paint (all types)
• Gasoline and otherflammable liquids

Please DO NOT arrive before 8 AM!


Volunteers need time to set up traffic cones and all waste must be inspected to ensure compliance with Baltimore County Regulations. If prohibited items are dumped then the association can be fined up to $10,000!